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No More Diets and No More Diet Foods

September 3, 2009 News No Comments

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If you are reading this blog, the chances are good that you want to take control of your life from a food and health perspective.  For those of you who have dieted to lose weight without success or if you are just trying to eat healthier so that you can feel better, then read on. Educating yourself is a great first step.

Many of my diet weary friends are convinced that their metabolisms are just screwed up. And that it’s not their fault that they can’t seem to drop those extra pounds. The truth be told, they may be partially correct. There are actually some very good reasons that people struggle with dieting.

Mainly because diets just don’t work for the following reasons:

  1. When we diet, we commit to temporary plan. Mentally we are not poised to change the way we think.
  2. Most choose diet plans that they believe are healthy when in fact many so called diet foods only make matters worse. For instance, things labeled low fat and sugar free are typically worse not better options.
  3. We have become a society that expects someone else (the food manufactures) to feed us. We don’t prepare and we don’t cook anymore. Many processed, manufactured foods are full of non-nutritional fillers leaving our bodies hungry and looking for more food to obtain those missing nutrients. This can also create the appearance of low metabolism.
  4. Many people don’t take into consideration any other toxins we leave our liver fighting through while trying to maintain a healthy weight.  After all the Liver plays an important role in your bodies ability to eliminate the waste and or the fillers and processes “stuff” in our food.

In this blog I will uncover food myths and misunderstanding that impair health and weight loss.  I will educate and then outline plans and steps to not only help you get started but also to help you continue down the road to Cognitive Eating.

Fat at 15 – Fit at 50 Building Your Practical Mental Food Awareness

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At age 15, I was considered “chubby” and at age 20 I developed an eating disorder (long before anorexia had a name) and now at 54, I’m healthier and more physically fit than I have ever been. Over the years I investigated and learned the truth about food and fitness.  No more diets, no more guilt. Just everyday healthy eating that once learned became second nature.

I now understand that feeling fit just feels better because living life fully is a more robust experience when you feel great!  Feeling good can eliminate many of the issues we all face, depression, drug abuse, low self esteem, the list is long.  It isn’t rocket science but we DO have to use our brains.

It’s really rather simple but there is a process and it’s never too late. We begin by – getting back to the basics!

O.K., I know what you’re thinking, “back to the basics? You mean grow my own food?”  No.  Although growing your own food is a great idea, it isn’t really an option for everyone.

I travel extensively and as a road warrior at age 54, staying healthy fit and feeling great can be a challenge.  It’s a process, but not a difficult one.  Today healthy eating is an integral part of my regular thought process. The best part is I eat what I want! The trick is to educate yourself into wanting the right foods (most of the time).

In fact while in San Antonio, I went to lunch Downtown with a couple of sales guys – Tony C and Tony H.  They just love BBQ so we did BBQ at a neat little family owned restaurant. I wasn’t in the mood for BBQ [thought process kicks in]

Food for Thought:

Most BBQ sauce is packed with sugar. Mix that sugar carbohydrates (carbs)with the fatty food (beef or pork, and you retain the fat because the carbs burns first.

The (two Tonys) sales guys suggested a ham and turkey club sandwich.  I thought to myself,  No…I don’t really want to eat processed meat because… well for starters because it’s processed.  And then the manufactures add all those viruses to combat the bacteria that form on the process meats. We’re up to 9 viruses on Ham (an entire topic that deserves its’ own time) which I’ll dive into later.

As for this trip, I was able to find several things on the menu that both fed my hungry brain and fed my practical “food educated” brain.  To top it off, the Chicken Caesar salad was made with a quality chicken breast.  Not the “rubbery, over-processed, full of steroids and salt” kind.  Overall, a pretty tasty, healthy salad and for only $4.99. OK that didn’t take much work, right? Well, not for me, not anymore, but previously, I struggle before I educated myself on the truths about food.

As I mentioned earlier we do have to start with our brains which is why I call it cognitive eating. That is… we need to stop buying food in a trance-like state and start thinking for ourselves again!  Lets stop trusting that the FDA has the manpower to investigate, understand and then police the food manufacturers. They don’t!  It’s public knowledge. I know this because they post their minutes and I read them. www.fda.gov

I’m not saying, “trust me – I’m a professional”, I’m saying, trust me, that we as consumers, have to do our own research and at the very least just start reading the labels on the foods we buy and then ask ourselves, “what’s true and what’s advertising for profit.”

So let’s start with Cognitive Eating Basics

It’s not about brain food it’s about using our brains before placing the food into our mouths.  It’s about using our brains before we make our shopping lists and before we head to the store to buy the food in the first place. It is all about truly understanding what we’re eating and then internalizing and owning the responsibility for our own health.

We select foods that the marketers have labeled “diet, low fat, no sugar added, and all natural” because we believe these labels denote better for you or less fattening. Well think again. Not only are these labels deceiving but the ingredients, and the food manufacturing processes utilized to enhance the flavor of these “so called” healthier foods, actually leave your body looking for nutrients that were lost in the processing.

Go ahead-check the label. Low fat milk verses regular milk. Notice the additional sugar in the so called low fat milk. Yep exactly, you thought you were being healthier when in fact more sugar is not the healthier choice.

Now My Question:

When did consumers become so complacent? When did we begin blindly following and believing advertisements?

(NPR) National Public Radio recently discussed that even the president is taking notice. President Obama just launched a campaign to hold the food manufacturers accountable for false advertising.  It’s a start but it doesn’t mean we can fall back into a trance like state. There really isn’t enough nutrient in processes food, at least not when you consider the calorie to nutrient ratio.

images too much advertising Marketing at It’s Best

There have been countless books articles and blogs about healthy eating. Yet sadly there are too many people that till don’t get it.  Shall we blame those highly talented marketers? Or is it the fault of an oversaturation of false advertising that comes at us from all directions?  I believe in taking responsibility for most of what happens or doesn’t happen in my life.  I also believe that most excuses are simply justification for not doing something or for doing the wrong things over and over again.  Why not just clean the mental slate and start now with – NO EXCUSES!

Dispelling the Myths

Learn the Small Truths

For those of you trying to lose weight and for those of you that simply want a healthier better feeling body, Eliminate Process Foods

  • The weight challenged will see pounds begin to fall away if the only change you make is to eliminate process foods.
  • The health conscious should just feel better because their body just stopped struggling to digest by-products and fillers while attempting to obtain the nutrients it needs.

Begin with the end in mind but start with the basics.

Whatever your goals, keep them in the front of your mind. How?

If your goal is a healthier you or a thinner you, find photo’s that tell that story for you and place them in places that you look at regularly. Yes! Visualization Works. Its’ been proven and there has been a recent refocus on this concept.